Incentive Programs

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Community Redevelopment Agency
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Commercial Façade Improvement Program:

This is an exterior improvement program for commercial buildings, where the focus is creating active walking areas by increasing the “curb appeal” of the business corridors. Improvements will include new entry doors, windows, lighting, shade canopy, sidewalks, signage, parking, restoration, and more.

Property and Business Improvement Program:

This is an interior improvement program for commercial buildings, where the focus is on improving the “energy efficiency” of existing buildings, and bringing these buildings up to current building codes thus making them more viable for occupancy.

Streetscape Enhancement Program:

This program encourages and rewards projects that demonstrate high quality urban and environmental design and sustainability, thus creating a better environment and sense of place by enhancing the streetscape throughout the CRA.

Development Incentive Program:

This incentive provides an opportunity to leverage any CRA incentive. To qualify, the project needs to represent an total investment / total project cost of five ($5,000,000) million dollars or more and create a significant economic engine or destination project within the CRA.

Property Tax Reimbursement Program:

This incentive provides reimbursement to for-profit developers who make capital improvements to existing properties within the CRA, where the cost of rehabilitation/renovation exceeds 50% of the current property value.


Residential Rehabilitation Program:

This program allows the CRA to enhance the residential properties by correcting code violations and addressing a properties health and safety issues, such as electrical, plumbing, roofing, windows, ac/heating as well as structural items including emergency repair.

Purchase Assistance Program:

This program allows the CRA to provide assistance to for-profit and nonprofit organizations to construct single family homes on CRA and/or City owned infill housing lots. The assistance provided will be passed on as a subsidy to the eligible family when they purchase the single family home.