Fort Lauderdale Village Dine

Dining with the Neighbors

October 2017

This celebration of Fort Lauderdale’s Village District restaurant scene pays homage to the culinary heritage that makes this destination unique — and is held in tribute to the restaurants that are becoming such a vital part of Fort Lauderdale’s tradition of hospitality! More than 10 restaurants will offer lunchtime specials and fixed price dinner menus at significantly discounted prices (Not including beverage, tax and gratuity). Fort Lauderdale Village Dine spans three distinct neighborhoods within the Village District of the City: Historic Sistrunk, Progresso Village, and Flagler Village. This will give diners many opportunities to share unique culinary experiences.

What is Fort Lauderdale Village Dine?

Each of the restaurants participating in Fort Lauderdale Village Dine is offering an average discount of 20-60% off the regular value.

When is Fort Lauderdale Village Dine?

The Fort Lauderdale Village Dine program runs October 2017. Fort Lauderdale Village Dine is organized by the NPF CRA, Mosaic Group.

How do I take part in Fort Lauderdale Village Dine?

Simply enjoy! There is nothing for diners to do beyond experiencing the culinary goodness of our local restaurants and eateries. More than 10 of Fort Lauderdale Village District’s restaurants will offer fixed priced menus for lunch and dinner.

Which restaurants are involved?

Restaurants located in Historic Sistrunk, Progresso Village and Flagler Village.


For Fort Lauderdale Village Dine Information Contact
Emily Cajas