Goals/Objectives: Eliminate slum and blight by encouraging projects to demonstrate high quality urban and environmental design and sustainability, thus creating a higher quality environment and sense of place by enhancing the public realm across the CRA.
This program will also allow the CRA to provide land as an incentive via donation and/or purchase. In order to be eligible for the SEP, the business/property owner must invest at a minimum, a dollar-for-dollar match of the CRA investment within the project. The CRA’s project contribution cannot exceed the documented contribution of the business/project owner.


Eligible Area: All properties within the CRA. There is a designated Focus Area defined as Sistrunk Boulevard between NW 24 Avenue and the FEC Railway, including one block north and south of Sistrunk Boulevard; as well as, 9th Avenue (between Sunrise Boulevard and Broward Boulevard), and 7th Avenue (between Sunrise Boulevard and Broward Boulevard).


Eligible Properties: All existing and new buildings in the CRA approved for commercial, multifamily, or mixed use.


Eligible Project Costs: Generally, all costs associated with enhanced (features/finishes beyond mandatory City requirements) streetscape improvements constructed on or within the public right-of-way are eligible for consideration (Project). The proposed improvements must comply with CRA design guidelines for the particular street on which the project is located, the Plan, the City of Fort Lauderdale Complete Street Guidelines, the CRA Implementation Plan, the Downtown Master Plan (as applicable), and the Fort Lauderdale Connectivity Master Plan. Design/engineering must be consistent with City, county and state requirements for roadway design/construction. Job Creation and Retention Requirements: Job creation and/or job retention or another approved performance indicator may be a requirement for assistance provided through this program.


Basis/Limits of Benefits: Throughout the CRA, a SEP award will provide a forgivable loan for up to 70% of the eligible costs not to exceed $500,000. In the Focus Area, the program award will provide a forgivable loan for up to 90% of the eligible costs not to exceed $500,000. The CRA Board (and/or designee), at its sole discretion, may consider increasing the funding limits on a case-by-case basis.


Terms and Obligations: The program award will have ongoing obligations / covenants, which includes, but is not limited to a lien on the applicant’s property.



Special Conditions: There must be a documented process for the General Contractors and sub-contractors selected for the project. The CRA / City encourage the use of contractors from its approved contractor list. Contractors on the City/CRA contractor list, must be invited to bid on all work solicited by the project owner/developer.